Coding fonts, my top 4

The definition of what a good font to code is depends, in part, on the personal taste of each and their preferred system. So, I’m not saying that these are the best. They are only my personal preferences, at this time.


It was this font, which I just found last week, that prompted me to write this post. It is now my first choice and my main recommendation. Especially because of it customization capability.

It’s not just a font, the authors call it a font system. This is because we can customize the font exactly to our preferences. We can choose things like the width and weight of the font, line height and some characters (‘a’, ‘g’, ‘i’, ‘l’, ‘0’, ‘*’, ‘{}’).

The screenshot above is just my preference, you can get a very different result. Try it here.


Source Code Pro

I also really like Source Code Pro, very readable at all sizes. It was my choice before moving to Input.



I’ve also used Consolas for a long time. Only changed when I began to prefer having a little larger font size (maybe I’m getting old). For some reason, I don’t like Consolas at bigger sizes. I still use it in the command line, terminals and the like.

Fira Mono

Also interesting. Not a fan of that ‘r’ though.