Goodbye CakePHP, hello Laravel

I’ve changed frameworks. Goodbye CakePHP, hello Laravel. I was not dissatisfied with CakePHP, but Laravel seemed like a more modern framework that invites best programming practices. And, as I decided to rewrite Balliza from scratch, it seemed like a good time to change.

It’s not a definitive goodbye to CakePHP. Actually, I want to start a small side project in CakePHP, just to keep me fluent in the framework. Just don’t know what yet.

As some of the concepts are new to me (dependency injection, inversion of control…), the first times in Laravel have given some fight. But I’m very pleased to have made ​​the change. I feel that, in recent weeks, I have evolved considerably as a programmer (maybe just my impression, but the truth is that I learned a lot).

To finish, the suggestion of two resources that have helped me a lot in the first steps:

  • Laracasts, a site with video tutorials that teaches almost everything that is needed on Laravel and beyond. Some of the videos are available for free and, for 9 dollars a month we have access to all content. In my opinion, it has been money very well spent.
  • Laravel News, a website with useful links on the framework. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter to receive all the news and articles.